Get the Right Services at the Right Time with OnCall Services

With HTS’s OnCall Services, we do business on your schedule and budget with our “as needed” consulting model. Whether your institution is working with a tight budget, or you just need quick consulting services for a short-term project, OnCall Servicesis a flexible service tailed to your needs.

Achieve more, together! HTS’s Business Process Solutions Delivers Success

HTS offers Software as a Service (SaaS) with its Business Process Solutions (BPS). With BPS, you can outsource your PeopleSoft business processes to us, freeing up your resources, saving you money, and helping you get your institution operating on proven industry best practices. The future is coming…are you ready for it?

HTS is on LinkedIn…and we want to connect with you!

HTS is growing, and we want to stay connected with our client-partners and the higher ed community. As the number one professional networking site, the HTS LinkedIn company page will help us join the higher ed conversation and hear what you have to say.

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Putting the Power in your Hands

HTS has established a culture of learning and growth with the belief that we can enhance the experience our clients have with their new system with our robust training options that will advance their knowledge. We believe in putting the power in the hands of our clients by providing them with hands-on experience with their new software, under the guidance of our practiced trainers.

Stay Ahead of the Game with HTS’s Campus Solutions Consulting Services

HTS is driven towards providing our clients with top PeopleSoft Campus Solutions consulting services. For over a decade, HTS has provided strategic, cost-effective consulting services to a myriad of institutions with a variety of needs, project scopes, and budgets. Professional, cost-reduction driven, and unparalleled PeopleSoft expertise: find out why HTS is one of the top Campus Solutions consultation providers on the market.


Founded in 2001, HTS Global has assisted colleges and universities throughout North America with the implementation and servicing of PeopleSoft/Oracle applications for the Higher Education Industry. Our management team and consultants have a wealth of experience in Higher Education settings that they utilize to bring a unique perspective on consulting to provide outstanding service to our clients.

We believe that traditional consulting models are not always ideal in today's industry. Our approach is to utilize the right resources at the right time for the right duration. This approach is what sets us apart from other companies and allows us to focus on the enhancement of the student and faculty experience at every institution we partner with.


  • OnPoint

    Cost effective implementation methodology will save you money.

  • OnTarget

    A series of focused initiatives designed to meet your institution's needs.

  • OnCampus

    An Oracle University Certified course designed to address specific needs.

  • OnCore

    Higher Education experience will provide expert guidance on projects.

  • OnShore

    Remote consulting options allow your institution to reduce costs.

  • OnRequest

    Flexible training options allow institutions to share classes and reduce costs.


"Our HTS consultants have consistently proven to be knowledgeable in both product and project management. I am impressed by their unfailing focus on successful implementation despite the myriad of distractions that plague our project. HTS has been an invaluable asset to the project in terms of client orientation and problem solving ability. I recommend HTS consultants for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions."
The City University of New York